Monday, October 13, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were seven

Who on Australian Idol uses the most botox? Is it Kyle, Marcia or Teale as none of there foreheads move. To be fair to Marcia and Kyle other parts of their faces do move. Teale needs to become more animated. I think this is the reason he keeps on landing in the bottom 3.

Another one who is having a hard time getting her personality to the voters is Sophie Patterson. If she is pitching for a record contract I am not sure record producers would have been to impressed when she pondered after her performance last night that she didn't know how to connect with the audience. I thought the aim of this show was to promote yourself.

Bottom three were Teale, Sophie and Thanh Bui, with Thanh being the one who was punted.

Jessica Mauboy sang her new single. I thought she looked fab, but did not like the song. Maybe I am just an old fogey.


Anonymous said...

I was not at all disappointed with the bottom three this week, and I really didn't mind which of them went. Sophie and Teale will need to do something amazing over the next couple of weeks to avoid being the next two out.

Reality Raver said...

Agree - neither are improving nor put in a memorable performance yet.