Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Has Sophie Monk Got Trout Pout?

Has reality TV star Sophie Monk gone all Hollywood on us and got a trout pout? She always had big lips but these do look a little enhance.
Sophie is in town to promote underwear to keep your flab in. Not sure I get the connection of slender Sophie with Shapers, but then again I don't get the connection of a gorilla banging on drums to promote Cadbury chocolate.
Story of her underwear promotion on Daily Tele Website. Also here is an interview where she says she is a dud in bed.
Now another thing I am not getting is the supposed Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk liaison it has as much reality to it as her dating Ryan Seacrest.
Anyhow The Herald Sun has an article saying Nigel is begging Bonnie to get back with him!
Now I know she is keen see previous post. If a reconciliation means she is not a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, I will be happy with that. Or maybe he can train her into talking in sound bites. Last season she was notorious for yabbering on.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Gorillas! Cadbury! Don't you see? It's a gorilla! And... it's Cadbury!

Yeah, I just don't get that, either.

Reality Raver said...

Maybe that is why advertising execs get paid so much because of their existential ideas.