Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel - Reality Tidbits

Did Luke get eliminated in tonight's episode? I had a Fox IQ recording malfunction - well I had the malfunction I recorded Are You Smarter Then A Fifth Grader ? So only got the last 30 mins.

It was an uninspiring episode, I saw somewhere that Channel 7 were not going to do a second season, but don't quote me on that.

Anyway TV Week had some tidbits about the Supermodel Household which are almost as boring as the show:
  • Courtney and Billy are a couple - Billy said " I definately see a future for us together when we leave the house.";
  • On days off the models have to stay in the house. They play video games;
  • Billy prides himself on being a cook;
  • Rhys had a stomach bug and lost 3 kilos;
  • Tom had never done a load of washing prior to moving into the house;
  • Hannah works out on the treadmill every day and is such a fitness fanatic she hides weights under her bed. Also she has photos of her boyfriend plastered over her bedroom wall; and
  • The boys bathroom is messy.

Who weekly has exit interviews of the models, Kassie's is a cracker.

Kassie's Interview.

Sheridan's Interview

Martin Walsh Interview on Lucas Quitting the Show.

Brooke's Interview.

Bakary's Interview.


Anonymous said...

"Off The Runway" at 10.30 on Tuesday nights has been given the axe, it wasn't on this week and so I rang channel 7 and got the official word - well okay they said something along the lines of it had been 'taken off the air and they didn't know as yet whether it would be returning'. I'm a little surprised given that it was hardly a high rating time spot to start with, surely nothing else they put in it's place could get more ratings, I would have thought they would just ride it out. I'm a little disappointed really, they said they're not even going to run it on 7digital.

Reality Raver said...

That might have been what they meant. Thanks anon.

I agree what sort of ratings were they expecting at 10.30pm at night would have thought the hard core teen audience would have been in bed by then. Also why cut it - I presume it was cheap tv using footage they already had, just pay a few editors etc.

However they are not alone in this frigging about with TV programs. Daily Tele,22049,24472943-5001021,00.html

has an article about all stations pulling shows after a few weeks.

Very peeved about the pulling of Ugly Betty. Yes dear readers I do watch some shows that are not reality tv.

Anonymous said...