Sunday, October 12, 2008

Australian Idol - Rock Night

Tonight was Rock night and the boys from INXS, Tim Ferris and Kirk Pengilly were mentoring the Idol's on stage craft. I did not know which one of them looked sillier Tim with his sunglasses on in the studio or Kirk with his John Waters type moustache.

This pair are obviously comfortable on reality TV since their time doing Rock Star. Has there been one major Australia singer from the '80's who has not been on a reality TV show. Channel 7 on their singing show It Takes Two wheels them out regularly.

Luke - Are You Going To Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz.
Luke has an advantage in this competition as he does not consider himself a musician, he is just stoked to be there and just goes for it each week. He picks the songs he picks are mainstream but it appears to be working.

This week was no exception, and rock night was a natural fit for him.

The judges who for weeks looked on him with wry amusement, thinking he would not stick around for long, now know he will be on Idol for a while. He is yet to be in the bottom three. Dicko now taking him more seriously gave him some constructive criticism about getting more light and shade in his voice. I still don't think he can win the competition and there has to be a train wreck performance in him at some stage. Maybe big band night?

Thanh Bui - Shadow of A Day - Linkin Park

Thanh after winning Cadbury Star of the Week wanted to stick with his winning formula of playing the piano whilst performing.

However, Tim and Kirk as they try and add value tell Thanh to start at the piano and move away in the middle of the song. They clearly thought they were giving him some original, rock star advice. However Wes Carr did this in week one and got criticised for it.

Since the mentors told him to do it the judges could not shitbag the manuvour this time.

I am not getting Thanh I thought the rendition was dull. Kyle summed it up nicely when he said he looked around the audience "and no one cared that much." and "Something's missing."

Sophie Patterson - Anna's Song - Silverchair

Well Sophie just sung her way into the bottom three. She really needs to take some tips from Luke Dickens regarding song choice. Yes she wants to be shown as being unique but as she has been just avoiding eviction maybe she needs to rethink her strategy.

Yes it was well sung but all her songs are really starting to blend together. Apparently Silverchair is difficult to sing so was complimented for that, but Dicko said she needs to show more personality. Kirk said she needs to work on her stage craft.

Teale Jakubenko - Slide - Goo Goo Dolls

I know his seven brothers get him - but I don't. This song is great and the lyrics are so sexy and he is just not sexy. However Marcia seems to think he is, but then again I am not on the same drugs as her.

The guitar helps and it does give him a bit more grunt - however I thought his vocals were average. I think Dicko mentioned the "tedious" word in his judging comments.

Kirk was disappointed as Teale rejected their stage craft advice.

Roshani Priddis - The Pretender - Foo Fighters

Stylist Sheridan Tyler struck again with a shocking top that made the petite Roshani shoulders look broad and her boobs look lopsided. She said she was stretching herself, and she did. Marcia and Dicko gave her a standing ovation. After landing in the bottom three last week she needed to pull something out of her bag of tricks.

Wes Carr - Desire - U2

For the first half of the song I was thinking this was one of Wes's weaker songs. But call me a harmonica slut after he blew a few bars on that and then went into the sultry Desire chorus I thought he was great.

Judges said it was the best performance of the night.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Don't Speak - No Doubt

So she gets criticised for picking a pop song for rock week, but wasn't this song on the list they were given? From my understanding Sophie was the only one to pick a song not on the list.

I thought the opening was a bit out of tune, but it was much better as the song went on. It was overacted, she needs to give the school musical moves the flick.

Mark Spano - Sex Is On Fire - Kings of Leon

I have to confess I have never heard of this song and Andrew G said it was number five on the charts. He would know he does the Top 40 countdown. Mark is a huge INXS fan and quite rightly was pretty excited about meeting them. Ironically he would have been the perfect candidate for their reality TV show Rock Star when INXS were looking for a new lead singer.

Bottom three:
Sophie Patterson, Thanh Bui, Roshani Priddis.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the bottom three tonight. Given Chrislyn's performance (I was actually talking to the TV last night at the beginning of her performance, asking where the tune was...), she might edge Roshani out of B3. I'm glad you mentioned the criticism over her song choice - they didn't say it was "off list" like they did with Sophie's song, so they can't really cane her for choosing an option they provided!

I really would like to see Teale there instead of either Roshani or Chrislyn, though. He's a real cure for insomnia.

Reality Raver said...

Your wish was answered however Thanh bit the dust - I am not unhappy with that.

I am still hoping/waiting for a showstopping performance from Sophie.

DavrosDalek said...

Oh Thank You RR for commenting on the strange appearance of the rock dinosaurs! They managed to look jaded and full of themselves at the same time.
When I suggested here on RR that Idol needed a boost from the Oz Music Industry, it was never my intention to see wheelchairs roll out those old middle-aged bored white men. Don't they fish? or take holographic photos of their cars? Hobbies gentlemen please! Sure, we all miss Michael Hutchence, but I don't want to see those faded old washed-up rockstars prance about. Uh Oh, I feel the Idols scratching from Gudinski itch.

Reality Raver said...

Davrosdalek - I love your handle name. I presume you have been getting into the latest Dr Who series.

There is no growing old gracefully for former rock gods. Sometimes you just wish they would go and volunteer at their local St Vinnies.

Reality Raver said...

Davrosdalek - I love your handle name. I presume you have been getting into the latest Dr Who series.

There is no growing old gracefully for former rock gods. Sometimes you just wish they would go and volunteer at their local St Vinnies.