Monday, October 20, 2008

Natalie Gauci - Is There Anything Right About This?

Now all last year I was blaming Sheridan Tyler for Natalie's disasterous clothes on Australian Idol, but after looking at this fugly outfit clearly I was very wrong indeed. Is she on the drugs Britany Spears was taking when she was having her meltdown.

She said it was bought in an op shop in London for 6 pounds. Shepaid that much for it I could have got it from Best and Less and Spotlight for $5.00.

I am speechless.


Anonymous said...

I saw this outfit at the Arias, I had no idea the person wearing it was Natalie though. Other celebrities were coming up to her and telling her how lovely her outfit looked. Must've been the free alcohol.

Reality Raver said...

LOL. Or could have been people making bets with friends to go up to her and tell her how great she looked with a straight face.

Laura said...

That isn't an outfit!
it's a piece of material!
I'd give it -3 out of 10.