Friday, October 10, 2008

I Am Confused - Bonnie Lythgoe Reckons She Is Back With Nigel - But What About Sophie Monk?

In February this year I wrote a blog that Bonnie Lythgoe and Nigel were going to reconcile. They had split after 33 years of marriage and Nigel had been doing the wild thing with plastic fantastic Priscilla Presley. I am not alleging marital infidelity.

I thought this had all gone pear shaped when it was revealed he may have been having a dalliance with Sophie Monk..

However in interview today in Sydney Confidential (sorry at this stage I cannot find the link) Bonnie Lythgoe is again saying by appearing on So You Think You Can Dance Australia she has saved her marriage.

She said " Without question I have found myself..... that is what I needed to do because when you have such a high profile husband you work so hard in you own right but can be left behind in the shadows," Lythgoe told TV editor Erin Mc Whirter.

""Now I am my own person again, that has helped [our relationship]."

"It's great for Nigel because I am not whining or moaning any more. If I don't agree I say so. I have found my voice again."

Nigel is in Australia to see his family who live on the Gold Coast, and also to hold a reunion of sorts with his wife. He will also record a guest spot on the local dance show.

"He is a very big part of my life and always will be" she said. "Nigel is in Australia at the moment and I am seeing him tomorrow. It will be a great moment and I can't wait to work with him again, because we work well together."

Nothing in what she was saying indicates they are back together, but I get the feeling she would like them to be. Maybe Nigel his happy to keep things this way as he may not want to divorce her as there would be a significant property settlement.

Sydney auditions are at the Overseas Passenger Terminal this weekend.

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