Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Is It With This Year's Idol's And Their Victim Mentality

Thanh Bui the latest Australian Idol Contestant eliminated believes the judges were really hard on him.

This follows on from Tom William moaning that he was eliminated not from lack of talent but because the judges were biased against him. Previous post here.

What is wrong with these guys where they are so deluded they think the judges are able to control the voting audience like we are the stepford wives??

In an article on Livenews Thanh said:

"I’ve been through this before… the touring and signings and appearances and
crazy timetables because we toured in six different countries,” Bui told
LIVENEWS.com.au“But what goes with that territory is that people expect more
form you and the judges… they were really hard on me, it was either touchdown or nothing, there was no middle ground for me.”

Other quotes from an exit interview on News.com.au included " I know that I'm not the weakest performer there and even on Sunday night I know that I wasn't the weakest performance on the night,''

Look guys if you want to feel loved join a Landmark course. The judges are not there to raise their self esteem.

Also Mark Holden would not have given Thanh Bui a touchdown for his John Farnham cover. Guys get over yourselves.

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