Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13

The teams this series is the usual assortments of families, and dating couples, however this season there appears to be no gay team (I am from Sydney I notice these things), unless you count the two geeks who could be in the closet.

Anyway it was the usual schmozzle at the airport and then they were off to Salvador Brazil to find a sandwich shop.

The Geeks were leading at this stage and they then had to push a contraption loaded with candy somewhere. The question needed to be asked on how much of the candy had to stay on it as there was alot falling off.

New York dating couple, Terence and Sarah took the lead due to her ability to speak Portuguese.

Is Terence going to be the new Johnathan (of Victoria and Johnathan fame), as he was pissed off that Sarah was talking to other teams. "I want her to connect with me." and "You cannot climb and talk, I can." were two of his classic lines. I hope they stay in for awhile.

It was important to get there as quickly as possible as you needed to get a ticket to get the time they were leaving in the morning.

The next morning was detour time.
Hard way up - Must climb entire staircase on their hands and knees.

Soft way down - must climb down cargo net from a elevator, only three teams can be on the net at the same downs. Most people were picking this one. This one would only be hard if you were afraid of heights.

Frat boys were the only ones to do the stairs and the question at the top was how many stairs have you just climbed. Whoops turn back round and do it again. By the way the answer was 53.

Then it was time to go to the pit stop. First to arrive were siblings Nick and Starr, with estranged couple Ken and Tina right behind them. These two teams have formed an alliance Nick and Starr are going to call them mum and dad. They do have American football in common. Ken is a former NFL player, and Starr is a Dallas Cowboy Cheer girl, and Ken's wife Tina looks like a former cheer girl herself. In fact she did a few cheer like bounces after she climbed down the rope ladder.

Last team to arrive were the old hippies they were eliminated.

My current fave teams are the geeks and the frat boys.

Take note Channel Seven say they have fast tracked the new season of The Amazing Race from the US - however we are still a couple of episodes behind so beware of spoiler on websites.

Buddy TV here has an exit interview with the eliminated team of hippies Arthur and Anita.

Also and interview with Phil Keoghan is here.

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