Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Project Runway - Season 5 - Episode 5

I am really finding it hard to look at Heidi Klum without cringing now that I know her husband Seal has names for her boobs. For those who want to know he calls them Franz and Hans. Now I know men have been known to name their genitals but who names breasts?

After Heidi told the designers they were going to design for a high powered and chic professional woman. Blayne was hoping it would not be Hilary Clinton as "she would not look good in a neon pantsuit."

Stella wanted Sharon Osbourne 'cos "she is the queen of rock".

However it was Brooke Shields. But they were not to design for her but for her character on her show Lipstick Jungle.

They had to create a night look for Brooke's character on Lipstick Jungle. The look has to carry her from day to night. The winner's outfit will be worn by her on Season 2. So that answered my question on whether the show had been renewed.

The designers were going to have to work in pairs, with Brooke picking six designs she liked. They were given $150 for materials.

Suede who was partnered with Terri, and he was not coping with the design or the fabric. Terri was exasperated and said "no one is going to suck on my titty, he needs to man up."

The winner of the challenge was Keith with his design of a pattern colour top with a brown floaty skirt.

But I preferred Jerrel's.

The person eliminated was Kelli with her outfit which Michael Kors quite rightly called slutty.

Exit interview with Kelli on Buddy TV.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Jerrel's outfit was better than Keith's. It would have suited Brooke perfectly and disguised those 'problem' areas she was worried about whereas Keith's design will emphasise them.

Reality Raver said...

Absolutely. Also I wish Blayne had gone he is just too spacey, all is designs have been downmarket.

I think they are just keeping him on for his "personality".

Anonymous said...

Yes, must keep the 'personalities' in. Holla at your boy!