Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Idol Gossip

Tom William says Thanh Bui Is Arrogant - The Question Is Why?
Former boy bander and now Idol contestant Thanh Bui is apparently making waves with everyone in the competition.

In the Sunday gossip columns it was hinted Thanh kept to himself in the Idol house, and now Tom Williams confirms the story in this week's TV Week.

He said "People have been getting a bit edgy with Thanh. He's coming off a bit , 'I know what I'm doing, I'm better than you.' A bit arrogant. When he has a bad performances, he kind of stays to himself, but when he has a good performance and gets good raps from the judges, he's like, 'Did you see that?" He gloats a little, but he's still a really nice guy."

Well that is the case he will be really gloating today after being voted the week's Cadbury Moment Of the Week with his rendition of the Winner Takes It All.

Was I the only one in Australia that thought that performance was ordinary?

Wes Carr Had Troubled Teenage Years.
In this week's TV Week Wes Car reveals he was trouble when he was a teenager.

When he was 15 he was asked to leave his school in Adelaide. "I was a bit of a ratbag at school,"Wes confessed. "I was pretty much obsessed with music and nothing else - I didn't want to do anything at school. Nobody could tell me what to do."

He then went and lived with his Dad in Sydney. "It was the hardest thing I've experienced in my life," he said. "Leaving all my friends, everybody I loved, my mum. Being in Sydney was bad - living with my dad's girlfriend who I didn't know, then having to go to a performing arts school with people I didn't know."

However he said his misery over his situation helped his music career. " I started writing songs more intensely,"

"A lot of those songs are still on my MySpace page." I think that was a plug for us and record executives to go and listen to it.The link to his My Space page is here.

His songs sound pretty good. Hopefully being on Idol will increase his profile and give him some well deserved success.

Chrislyn Hamilton - The Weight Issue Won't Go Away.
NW have now dedicated half a page of magazine space to Chrislyn's weight problem. It is a pity the same amount has not been dedicated to Teale Jakubenko's lack of personality or Madam Parker's IQ. At least people can lose weight.

Chrislyn said she would like to change her weight. "....because it gets in the way."

A school friend of hers Kieran Ewald said pressure from other people makes Chrislyn wish she was smaller.

Chrislyn says she's come a long way in terms of her self-belief but admits her confidence levels could probably be higher. "Confidence is my weakness."

I presumed this is not helped by the fact that the judges and media bring it up each time they talk to her.

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