Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 - If you were wondering what Suede's Dress Looked Like Manufactured.

Suede in episode 2 this season on Project Runway won the challenge of designing a cocktail dress and the prize was getting it manufactured and sold on

So what does it look like? Below is the Suede original.

And here is the manufactured version.

I have got to be honest I am not sure about it. More info about the dress here.
Would you wear it?


Anonymous said...

It looks like a really bad children's party entertainers' outfit. Half fairy dress combined with a trucker's singlet that's had gaffer tape wrapped all over it. Seriously, if your girlfriend met you dressed like this you'd have to take her McDonalds rather than a cocktail bar.

Reality Raver said...

LOL. I think that her work colleagues were taking the piss out of her.