Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sophie Patterson Leaves Australian Idol Graciously.

Sophie Patterson who was eliminated from Australian Idol last night said the format of the show has helped her.

This makes a nice change from Jonny Taylor, Tom Williams and Thanh Bui who left the show and whinged about various facets of it.

"I think it's been really interesting doing the different genres and it’s great for the show and it’s great for people to watch to see (contestants) sing something that they know,” the 23-year-old told livenews.com.au .

Another exit interview with Sophie can be found on Who Magazine website.

In other Idol news apparently 17 year old Chrislyn Hamilton was drinking white wine at the Aria's the other night. Now apparently she can do that if there is a guardian present. The question is who was the guardian?

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