Friday, October 3, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Scary Spice To Strut Her Stuff On a Reality TV Show.

Mel B will be having a reality TV show based on her fashion label. Lets hope it is more successful then Posh Spice's reality TV show. Victoria Beckham only managed to get one episode of her show of her poncing about in LA.

Ok I admit I was about the only one I know who enjoyed the first episode, especially the scene where they used the blowup doll that looked surprisingly like her as a decoy.

Source here.

Jeff Probst Stoked About His Emmy Win.
Jeff Probst won the first Emmy award for Best Reality TV Host, and he tells how happy he is about the honour in an interview here in Reality TV Magazine./

Women That Want To Stalk the Very Sexy Tom Colicchio Are Guaranteed to See Him At His Tuesday Dinners.
Tom the co-host and judge on Top Chef has oodles on restaurants, but will be doing Tuesday Night Dinners where he will cook a set menu for 40 people every second Tuesday in the private dining room at Craft. However expect to pay the big bucks for it.

The article here in Gawker shows that they are not very impressed with the concept nor the price tag of up to $250 per person.

For those who cannot afford the price tag but want to eat at is flagship restaurant here is the menu for you to peruse.

So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Indepth Review
There is no rest for the cast of the So You Think You Can Dance dancers, as they head off on a nationwide tour of the US. Sherry Lipp here writes an entertaining and indepth review of one of the performances.

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