Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel - Why do they always have models posing with snakes is it phallic?

I wonder if there will be any complaints from the RSPCA after tonight's episode of Make Me A Supermodel after the models manhandle numerous different animals. My admiration for Hannah went up after she did not even blink when being told that the snakes in the water tank she was about to crawl into were getting "restless".

Also she had a disobedient piglet for her runway walk, the look on her face was priceless, she looked so pissed off as she strutted down the runway. However this expression works well in the world of fashion.

I thought Jackie Frank's criticism of Shanina for letting go of her deer on the runway was a bit harsh. She said " What about if there had been 200 people in the audience and the deer got spooked and ran into them." (I paraphrased that). I mean really would you put a recalcitrant deer on a runway - wouldn't it detract from the clothes?

In a non shock move Issac was eliminated how he stay on for so long was a miracle. I suspect the girl vote.

One person whose strong girl vote may have evaporated this week was the good looking Rhys. There will be lots of teen girls who will be peeved he has a girlfriend, and he was gushing over her. It was then I was reminded he was a surfer, as she reminded me of a character out of Puberty Blues.

The uncomfortable situation award must have gone to Tom when his girlfriend turned up. Even worse when they were back at the house considering the amount of time he has been filmed lusting after Shanina. Unfortunately the girlfriend did not go for the jugular on this issue. That would have made great reality TV.

Bottom three are Sarah, Billy and Courtney. It must be time for Sarah to go, even though Billy smarminess annoys me.

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