Sunday, October 5, 2008

Australian - Season 6 - Abba Night

If the judges are going to do touchdowns can they bring back Mark Holden? Come on guys get your own catch phrase.

It was a big week for the Idol's in the Sunday papers. It was revealed that Mark Spano was a bit of Lothario and that he used to date Matilda Brown (Bryan Brown's and Rachael Ward's daughter) and he is now dating a make up artist.

Also apparently Thanh Bui is the most unpopular person in the Idol house, as he keeps to himself.

And that when Ricki-Lee left the Young Divas the other divas never got over it ie none them are Facebook friends with her.

Anyway it was Abba night, and there were fewer trainwrecks then I expected but also few highlights.

Chrislyn - Mamma Mia

Chrislyn was saying she chose the song as she related to the lyrics of having crushes on boys that were unobtainable. The Greek chorus in my lounge room immediately started cracking crushing jokes, but I was not going to go there.

It was a solid performance but not a show stopper like previous weeks. Sheridan Tyler must have been paid off by the other contestants who were worried about her popularity, as he dressed her badly.

Sophie Patterson- Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee

It was Sophie Pattersonised where she just slows all the songs down, and lets out her usual slurry wail. All her arrangements are starting to sound the same. Sophie was my favourite from the auditions, however I don't know if I can listen to many more songs by her. Also that little nose wriggle she does to try to be sexy is starting to annoy me also. The slowing down of the song did make me hear the lyrics for the first time.

The more I see her the less likely I think she will win a recording contract.

Thanh Bui - Winner Takes It All.

Ricki-Lee said before the ad break that "We wouldn't want to miss Thanh's performance" well quite frankly I could have. Ok it wasn't a train wreck but was it as good as the judges thought? He reminds me of a singer in a Karaoke bar.

Roshiani Priddis - Money, Money, Money.

Roshani said she was going to put a bit of cabaret, blues and burlesque in it. Cool a bit of Dita Von Teese action. Well with her corset top it did look like a nipple could pop out at any moment. Her whole performance to pinch a quote from Simon Cowell "like something you would see on a cruise ship".

But what would I know the judges loved it.

Wes Carr - Fernando

Wes killed any rock star cred he had left when it was revealed he was a student of the Johnny Young Talent School. However he certainly is talented. His arrangement for Fernando made an old over played song fresh again. Sophie should take notes from Wes on how to make a song your own.

Mark Spano - Waterloo
Mark strutted the stage like he was locked in a prison cell. He paced back and forward like he was waiting for the song to finish and he could get off stage. It was a bit of a shocker complete with forgotten lyrics.

The judges slapped him around, but Mark remained defiant.

Madam Parker - Dancing Queen
Madam Parker looked great but Dicko was right "She did not look like she was absolute comfortable". Though she reckon she had fun with it. It was a bland, forgettable performance of an iconic song. She is the best dancer in the comp, she could have really gotten down and dirty with it.

Teale Jakubenko - Thank You For The Music
Now I know his seven brother's get him but I don't. His performance started of extremely shaky but he did pull it together by the chorus. Kyle thinks he is a contender for the title, I don't think so. Tonight's performance where he strummed an acoustic guitar increased his sex appeal slightly, but he still lacks charisma.

Luke Dickens - Knowing Me Knowing You.

Every week you think Luke is going to tank and this week I would have betted on it, but again he surprised me. For the total amateur in competition he looks very comfortable on stage. He did look relieved when the song was over. His likeability will keep him safe for another week.

The other good thing about it was Dicko cracked his first joke of the season saying his version was "Abba mixed with Wolf Creek".

Bottom three will be Madam Parker, Thanh Bui, and Sophie Patterson.


Anonymous said...

Perfect wrap up, as usual. I got the feeling that I was watching a different show to the judges during some performances last night. They loved Thanh so much - all I could think of was an annoying pianist in a cheap cocktail bar.

I'm with you on Sophie. Sure, it's great to have your own style, but hers is starting to sound like arranging-by-numbers.

And they seemed to like Teale???

I really hope Mark goes home.

Reality Raver said...

Hoping for Teale or Thanh to go.

In fact if Mark had rocked up Waterloo a bit it would have been one of my favourite performances from him.