Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 - Episode 2

It is only the second episode but Terence gets the award for the most neurotic person for the series. He bumped his head very slightly and you would have thought a serious brain injury had occurred.

Another highlight was the ageing Ken and Barbie, whoops I meant Tina thought she had talked the airline into using a bigger plane for the flight to allow her to get a seat. She kept on running around telling everyone she was owed.

What is it with these American's? The southern belles hand over two tiny pieces of candy to the ticketing dude like they are giving out caviar and say "here have some American candy" like they were bestowing him some great gift. He just cracked up at them, they of course did not realise.

Terence and Ken started arguing in the queue to get on the plane. I cannot believe Terence is an endurance athlete as he does not seem to have the mental steeliness. Unhinged would be the adjective I would use to describe him.

Normally teams have bad luck with cabs they break down or get lost, but this was the first episode in the squillions of seasons I have watched where I have actually seen a team push a cab before they have even got in it. They were at the airport for christsakes there were plenty of taxi's. And they wondered why they were last.

Once at their destination and getting their clue the teams had to find dune buggies.

Detour time - Beach It - Must travel to a beach and find the traditional boat and move it 140 yards


Docket - Find a container terminal in a dock yard.

Most of the teams did Beach It. Terence abused Sarah, Nick slutted out his sister Starr with kisses.

Terence and Sarah finished first, but totally stuffed up trying to find a taxi as they did not follow the arrows. They were at this point in 9th place.

The divorcees Kelly and Christy had some sort of brain explosion and after they finished their detour of Beach It in a timely fashion thought they had to get a container and then started digging around a flag much to the bemusement of the Brazillians.

The Geeks who had actually done the container challenge in the Docket Detour were now in first place.

Roadblock - One person must search for a clue one that is in plain site. They must supply the correct destination to the painter.

The geeks again applied brain power and just wrote down all the names and read them out to the guy. Tina copied their modus operandi. These two teams raced each other to the pit stop, with Ken and Tina making it first.

The divorcee's again stuffed up at the Roadblock by letting their taxi go.

There were a lot of dumbos at this challenge, Nick and frat boy just stood and stared at the wall for awhile.

Last team to arrive was Anthony and Stephanie, and yes they were the ones who pushed the taxi out of the airport.

Siblings Nick and Starr kick of the episode at 4.11am and take off to the airport to fly to another part of Brazil and head to a village.


Anonymous said...

Aaargh! I totally forgot TAR was on last night. Damn you, Seven, for your lackadaisical programming - I have completely lost my rhythm with TV schedules (shakes fist). Thanks for the recap. It sounded like a doozy of an ep.

Reality Raver said...

It was a cracker. One of the best episodes i had seen in awhile. I could not stop laughing.