Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Australian Idol Voting Scandal? Was Roshani Robbed?

Is another Australian Idol voting scandal emerging? Roshani Priddis fans are saying they had difficulty getting through on the voting lines on Monday night.

The Tamworth Leader was inundated with calls from people concerned their inability to get through on the busy phone lines either by text or to the 1902 5555 phone number may have resulted in Roshani’s departure.

A disgruntled viewer who sent a “Roshani” text at 7.41pm told The Leader a minute later, at 7.42pm, he received a text back from the 191010 number which said: “The service you have requested is not currently available. Please try again later. You have not been charged.”

The issue of voting anomalies has previously be raised by Brook Adamo's father. See previous post here.

Fremantle media say everything is above board.

Today Tonight has already tried to beat this story up - it will be interesting to see if they do so again.

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