Monday, October 27, 2008

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Five

The Monday night hour long Idol show is just a lot of filler.

Do I really want to hear the bottom three songs again, why don't they get the person who wins the Cadbury star moment to sing again.

Also Chris Brown why is he so big and why does he need an entourage of 36? I know some teeny bopper will make a voodoo doll of me but thought he was very overrated.

The bottom three was inevitably Luke Dicken, Teale Jakubenko and Roshani Priddis, with Roshani deservedly going as she was the weakest link last night.

Next week Michael Jackson night, now that is going to be interesting. I predict Luke's performance will be a train wreck.

Speaking of trainwreck's Ricki-Lee mentioned her Idol train wreck to Roshani Priddis. It was Beatles night and she sang We Can Work It Out. She was eliminated after it. For those who have forgotten here it is below.


Laura said...

Dude, I won't make a voodoo of you and I'm a teenager.

I don't like Chris Brown. People are all like, "OMG, Chris Brownnnnnn!" And I'm just like, "Dude, it's only Chris Brown. Shut up."

I also don't Metro Station/Miley Cyrus/anyone else who has the last name "Cyrus."
(That includes Mr Achy Breaky Heart. kthx)

Reality Raver said...

Thank Laura. I thought I was turning into an old fogey before my time.