Monday, October 20, 2008

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Six

It was hard to tell who had hit the Aria parties harder Luke Dickens or Gabriella Climi. Six time Aria winner Gabriella who was the special guest singer on Australian Idol looked tired and a tad emotional. At times I really had no idea what she was gibbering on about. At least she admitted some of her acceptance speeches were shite because they were.

Bottom three was Teale Jakubenko, Sophie Patterson, and Mark Spano. The only surprise being Mark. Was his female vote turned off by his Diana Ross type moves?

Imagine Teale and Sophie having a conversation it would be super dull. Sophie even revealed she had been studying accounting prior to her auditioning for Idol. She would really slot into the stereotype of one.

Anyway Teale was first Idol to be safe. Was Mark Spano going to fall for the seventh place curse? No Sophie was eliminated and it really was her time to go she never lived up to all the hype surrounding her.

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