Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Survivor Fans v Favourites - Episode 3

When is an alliance an alliance is always the question being asked on Survivor. And last night's episode spent most of the time devoted to the machinations going on in the Favourites tribe.

There were nine contestants left in their tribe so you did not need to be a member of mensa to realise you needed an alliance of five to dominate until the merge.

Cerise was the swinging member between the alliance of two couples, Ozzie, Amanda, James and Parvati, and the other four of the group.

Johnathan thought Cerise was tight with them, but when Parvati and Amanda promised to take Cerise to the final 3 with them she decided to stick with them. That alliance was arguing whether to vote out the intelligent Yau-man or manipulative Eliza.

Whereas the other group was wanting the flirty Parvati out.

Now even Survivor amateurs know your alliance has to vote the same way to ensure it survives. So when the elimination votes were tallied there were six votes for Yau-Man, two for Parvati and one for Cerise.

What had happened to Johnathan, Eliza's etc alliance? It is week three and they are in a shambles. Lets hope they can regroup by next week.

Here is an exit interview with Yau-Man (if you don't look at the photos at the top of the page too closely there won't be any spoilers). He explains why Ami voted for Cerise as she wanted to keep in good with the two couples once she realised they did not have the numbers for Parvati.

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