Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Chopping Block - La De Da's v Anancapri

Why are some owners of restaurants complete and utter morons? It appears that people think you can just open a restaurant with no experience and expect them to work.

The two owners tonight were both dumb. Terry the co-owner of Anacapri did not show any enthusiasm and looked confused most of the episode.

If Gordon Ramsey had been in the kitchen of La De Da's with Kim the Chef she would have had a complete nervous breakdown and been carted away in a strait jacket.

All Matt Moran asked her to do was cook a chicken dish and she had a meltdown. This resulted in the other cook Kelly becoming head chef.

Kim was not the only meltdown in this episode.

Both Anacapri's and La De Da's are in Swansea an area which most recently acquired notoriety when their local State Member, Milton Orkopolous was thrown in the slammer for young boy and drug charges.

Matt Moran said that Anacapri was one of the worst meals he had ever eaten, and he had a hissy fit over the chicken schnitzel which he played up to the cameras by throwing them into the water.

Terry the co-owner of Anacapri was a bit of a dolt. He appeared to be not that motivated to change. And was gobsmacked that anyone could not like chicken schnitzel.

The pregnant waitress who had previously sobbed to the Sunday tabloids that she had been chased down the street by the camera crew, was shown to have stormed out of the resturant under her own volition.

Both business's had issues on the night of the reviewers, Alan Saunders, visited for the second time. Anacapri had service issues, and La De Da's had a complete kitchen meltdown. Both owners were not really that much help.

Terry turned up to the verdict scene alone clearly his staff did not give a stuff by this stage or he had not paid them. Predictably La De Da won. Personally I would not eat at either establishment.

Here is an article from today's Newcastle Herald where Terry states the chicken schnitzel's are back and their biggest seller. He did not say whether his business was making a profit yet.

Also it implies in the article that Kim is now back as head chef, she had been demoted by Matt Moran to second chef in the series.


Anonymous said...

If last night's establishments are typical of what this show is going to profile Ch9 should change the show's title to "my crap cafe rules". The works cafeteria at the the now long-closed Newcastle steelworks would have produced better quality food than this lot.

Anonymous said...

Unless you were actually there or have eaten at any establishment you really have no idea....

Both comments so far are based on no actual facts and only on a 1hr reality tv show which is always hyped up for ratings and not portraying the daily runnings of these 2 restaurants.

Reality Raver said...

Anon 2: I don't think a orange looking chicken schnitzel can ever be appetising.

Terry had the same look on his face that I would have had if I was pushed into an operating theatre and told to do brain surgery.

Utter confusion and out of my depth!

The snapper looked nice but I could cook that at home.

Anonymous said...

"Unless you were actually there or have eaten at any establishment you really have no idea...."

Really? I guess the same applies to tuly appreciating the flavour and texture of the Coogee Bay Hotel's gelato then?

Anonymous said...

Who was the goose that stated that Anacapri was in Swansea? It is in Toronto. About 40 minutes away on the other side of the lake.

Anacapri has been a cr*p restaurant for years, the amount of ownership changes it has had is bordering on ridiculous, and the food has never been good. Its no wonder people are bypassing it for the Maccas down the road.

Reality Raver said...

Off topic but since the Coogee Bay Gelato has been mentioned, the State Agriculture Minister has now waded in on it. Is it really a matter for Govt.

Apologies about getting the location wrong but they said it was about Swansea restaurants. Should have googled and checked.

Anonymous said...

WTF has Milton Orkropolous got to do with this?????? Get over yourself.

Reality Raver said...

Well it was the last time Swansea was in the news....

Anonymous said...

If putting in 80+ hrs, 7 days a week for 2 years - giving everything a person has got - giving people jobs instead of being on benefits (paid by the taxpayer)is dumb - then guilty as charged......