Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Charlotte Dawson's Boyfriend Out On Bail.
Charlotte Dawson will be back to her Australia's Next Top Model judging duties tomorrow in Adelaide now that her boyfriend Matthew Rhodin is out on bail. His mother put up the $100,000 to get him out. He is currently up on fraud charges of over $7 million.

Link to story in The Australian.

Two Dubbo Dancer's Are Through To the Top 100 on So You Think You Can Dance Aust
Charles Bartley and Ashleigh Tegart from Dubbo are two names of dancers who are through to the top 100 week in Sydney. Charles is currently studying at Brent St Studios, so it will be interesting how many of that alumni make it in on Season 2. Marko Panzic, Hilton Dennis and Rhiannon were three dancers from there in Season 1.
It will be interesting if in the future the Melbourne dancer's that attend Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance will have an advantage at the auditions. I can see a Today Tonight conspiracy theory story coming up.

Dubbo News has more information about this pair.

Stephanie From Farmer Wants A Wife Has Dyed Nick Out Of Her Hair
Stephanie Page who some thought was treated badly by Brown Brothers heir Nick Brown on this year's Farmer Wants A Wife appears to have not just washed him out of her hair, but dyed him out as well. Steph who on the show was bottle blonde has now become a much tamer brunette.

The picture was taken at some singles function - so she must still be looking for love.
Two New Blondes Are Going To Meet This Year's Farmers
Speaking of Farmer Wants A Wife this year there appears to be no shortages of blondes with Cairns girls Ryley Molloy and Allana Cini to meet a couple of the farmers at the speed dating part of the show.
Good luck girls but maybe a change of hair colour should occur as the two girls who have managed to get long term relationships from the show have been brunette. These being Kim and Chris, and Rob and Jo.
More info about Ryley and Allan here.


Anonymous said...

Farmer wants a wife is FAKE! The whole thing is totally stage. The profiles are not even written by the so called farmers, they are written by the production team to draw in contestants to ensure high ratings. The farmers don't actually apply for the show, the production team hunts for suitable contestants, some only doing it to purely get their face on television (this is first hand by one of the farmers that will appear in season 3). Season 3 also features many girls that have previous experience with means magazines, one having boobs the size of watermelons, so that will make it very interesting for all the desperate guys out there!

Reality Raver said...

I would love to hear more about your experience on Farmer Wants A Wife or do you have sign a confidentiality clause? Or just post under anonymous.

I love to know what reality tv producers tricks they pull to get the show they want. It is interesting you say that Rob and Jo knew each other before the show? Do you know if they were involved romantically prior to filming? Were the producers wanting an assured match?

Would you recommend girls applying or not to bother as you felt it was rigged? Are the farmers hot this year?