Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ricki-Lee and Teale Jakubenko - She Can Rebound With Someone Better Then That

Syd Confidential alluded that Ricky-Lee at the Arias went to the Idol's table and specifically sought out the blandest Idol contestant ever, Teale Jakubenko. Interestingly it was on a night where Teale had just sung to his girlfriend in the audience.

Insiders said there was no romantic connection and the pair share a "Brisbane bond". What a lame excuse. Anyway hopefully it is a load of bollocks she can do better then that.

Ricki-Lee has split with her husband of one year, Jamie Babbington. She said "I want to tell my fans that I'm good and thanks for looking out for me."

To the person who emailed me complaining that an Aria photo of Ricki-Lee should be posted to counter act the hideous of the Natalie Gauci one here you go.

Photo Credit: Daily Tele.

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