Monday, October 20, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Soul Night

Aria night is always a trick for the unwary when Channel Ten move the show back an hour to 6.30pm. Two other things happen on Aria night, Andrew G hosts the show alone, and the show will finish on time.

Tonight was soul night and the guest mentor was Guy Sebastian. Lucky for him he got to plug his Memphis album again. It was a nice change from aged rock stars whose careers were on the declinine.

I liked his advice that when he was on Australian Idol he picked a bit in each song to be a "moment". Well it worked for him some of his performances I still remember.

Mark Spano - You Just Keep Me Hanging On.
This is a soul song? Anyways just to remind us how butch Mark really is they had him sitting leaning up against a wheel of a car in his pre-song interview.

Mark did not look comfortable with soul, not helped by what he was wearing the tie made him look like a school boy. Also the choreographed moves with the back up singers just reminded me of a bad version of The Supremes.

Sophie Patterson - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
To think this girl was my favourite singer from the auditions. Last night when she opened her mouth and started singing it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. She is the same each week, strappy little dress, high high heels she can barely walk in, the little nose wrinkle at the beginning of the song, and the same warbly tones.

I would have liked to have seen her groove the song up a bit more and some tight black pants would have been more appropriate rather then the pretty doll dress.

Dicko said she mutilated the song. Teale Jakubenko is the only thing saving Sophie from going home.

Luke Dickens - My Girl
Now Luke is guaranteed to have a hangover after the Arias. He knows how to be rock and roll ok he just doesn't seem the type to turn down a free beer. After being told he needed to put more light and shade in his voice, which you knew he had no clue what that meant, he delivered tonight an assured performance.

Anyway I thought he was great and certainly was in the top 3 performers on soul night. He will be safe for another week.

Dicko gushed and said "he had a recording voice." Also that his rehearsal song was better. It was must have been sensational.

Teale Jakubenko - Ain't No Mountain Higher
Teale reminds me of the kid at school trying so hard to get into the cool group at school. He's trying his heart out but he is just not going to make it as a pop star. It is becoming uncomfortable to watch. His voice is just not strong or varied enough.

Again the stylist's had him in a tie and suit jacket. Luke had refused the tie which was a good thing.

It is time for you to go Teale.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Get Ready

Well this was her night and she looked and sang it great. Though I was not sure about the hip flick towards tiny John Foreman. If Chrislyn doesn't make it on her own I am sure she will make a great back up singer.

I will be surprised if she does not win the Cadbury's Magic Moment this week.

Wes Carr - If I Were A Carpenter
I would not have thought this song was soul either. Now Wes was going to get caught up in the suit jacket and tie look. No he looked all rock star in a waistcoat and shirt. He played the guitar and it was excellent. Really it is going to be a surprise if he does not win. His album will be out before last year's winner Natalie Gauci.

All the judges gushed - it is like they have a marketable Bobby Flynn.

Roshani Priddis - Reflections

I had such high expectations from her and they just were not matched. Sometimes she works to much on her performance and her voice is compromised because of it. Also the song choice was boring and pitch problems did not help especially in the higher registers. A certain bottom three.

Bottom three predictions - Sophie Patterson, Teale Jakubenko, and Roshani Priddis.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those you aptly described as "unwary". Tuned in at 7.29 to see Roshani being critiqued and then... the recap of the night's performances. Thank god for your site! I can feel informed as I watch the elimination.

Reality Raver said...

Well I almost got caught out. At 6.20pm I went into to check and quickly put it on to record.

Only three performances worth watching on the Aust Idol site. Wes, Chrislyn and I cannot believe I am saying this Luke.