Friday, August 22, 2008

Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk dating - Is This A Beat Up

What the hell I will take the egg beater to it as well. Bauer Griffin Online has photos of Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk arriving together by private jet from Las Vegas into LA. Apparently they had a limo take them to Caesar's Palace so of course they must be shagging....

Nigel is nearing 60 and Sophie is 28 so he continues the age old rule of multi millionaires that you should not be with anyone over 30 once you divorce your first wife (his wife Bonnie Lythgoe and him are separated).

Theories on why Nigel and Sophie are together include:
  • Both are both stars of reality tv - he So You Think You Can Dance, her Popstars so maybe they have that in common;
  • She has enjoyed a high profile and deluxe lifestyle with Benji Madden and wants to continue this lifestyle and Nigel is the way to ensure this happens, as lets get real did she really date Ryan Seacrest or was she a beard?
  • Maybe he is the producer of her rumoured reality tv show which she will star as a young starlet trying to make it in Hollywood - not sure if her proposed playboy shoot for $1 million dollars will be included on this show.

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