Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ricki-Lee Coulter Romancing Mark Spano -I Know She Was Meant To Mentor the Idol Contestants This Year But This Is Ridiculous.

Thank god Rick-Lee separated from her husband this year otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about. Ok well maybe Gordon Ramsay.

First it was rumoured she was having a dalliance with Australian Idol contestant Teale Jakubenko (see previous post here ) , however he must have just been providing a decoy.

It is now rumoured she is having a romance with another Australian Idol hottie Mark Spano.

Ros Reines in her gossip column in the Sunday Telegraph reveals:

The couple's relationship came into focus after Coulter split from her husband and then Spano broke up with his latest girlfriend, a make-up artist.
However, after the split he talked about how the love of a good woman had changed him.
Both have denied that anything was going on and, if Coulter didn't blush so deeply when she was asked, it would almost be believable.

Source of story and photo: Sunday Telegraph.
UPDATE: Apparently Ricki-Lee has put out a denial - story on


Former Ricki-Lee Fan said...

I thought Ricki-Lee's stint as the 3rd Idol host was pointless. She was overexposed, and added nothing to the show.

Sadly, I think Ricki-Lee is starting to believe her own hype. Her on-air attitude toward Jessica Mauboy from a few weeks back seems to indicate that Ricki-Lee is a mite jealous of Jessica's success, or at the very least, that she still has bad feelings towards the Young Divas.

As far as Mark Spano goes, Ricki-Lee must be a fan of omelettes, because Mark's head looks like a cracked mouldy eggshell.

Reality Raver said...

I agree regarding her not adding much to the show. In fact it seemed to me that the very amusing James Mathison's screen time was reduced.

I have to confess I missed the Ricki-Lee/Jessica Mauboy thing. Jessica's album is getting great reviews if you like that type of Urban music.

Mark Spano is at least has some personality unlike Teale. But LOL re: the cracked mouldy egg shell head.