Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 - Episode 4

Do the producers on The Amazing Race spike the tyres on cars? Whenever teams have to drive on this show, and I am including all series, there is an inordinate amount flat tyres on this show. This time it was Aja and Ty's.

The started the race in Bolivia and then they were all on the same flight to Auckland. Aja and Ty the long distance dating couple were starting to have cracks in their relationship.

In Auckland, Ken and Tina continued to lead and decided to go for the fast forward and beat the Frat boys to the tower to climb it.

The Frat boy's are typical frat boys as they said that they got on best with the blondes. Well the blondes were struggling finding the gordian knot they needed to get their next clue. I am not sure which of these two teams are dumber.

The Roadblock was a getting a picture of traditional Maori tattoo and matching to the an actual person. This was made more difficult with them doing a haka type dance.

Ken and Tina climbed the Sky Tower and then got to take a helicopter to the next pit stop where Phil got his dad to greet the arriving teams.

The other teams after the Road Block had to got to the City Life Hotel Roof and look with binoculars for a Travelocity gnome, and then go to the place were it was. After that it was off to the giant kiwi for their next clue.

It was detour time:
A matter of time - they had to go to a kiwi farm and stomp on kiwi fruit until they have 8 quarts of juice. Then they had to drink a glass of it.

Matter of skill - teams must assemble a go-cart and go around the track three times.

Terence and Sarah were the first to finish the detour and were second to the pit stop.

Three teams switched from the kiwi's to the go-kart. One of these were the frat boys who struggled building the go-karts.

Starr tipped go-kart and thought she had broken her arm, but then managed to complete but she was in a lot of pain.

This leg was breaking a lot of people as Aja and Ty swapped detours as well and they were battling it out for last place with the blondes. However Aja and Ty beat the blondes there and the blondes were eliminated.

As the blondes sobbed, Phil's dad took the opportunity to hug them.

Here is an interview on Buddy TV with Marissa and Brooke. They said they were only minutes behind Aja and Ty.


Anonymous said...

Phil's dad! Phil's dad! I just loved that they had him on the mat (sorry, "met").

Maryann said...

Oh I asked myself the very same question. Did the producers organise someone to spike the tyres? These types of things seem to not only come down to chance, but manipulation.