Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Chef - Has Anthony Bourdain's Brain Been Addled By Years Of Drug Use.

An article from blogger Amuse-biatch (this is the best blog name I have seen in at least six months) states that Anthony Bourdain does not think the gorgeous Padam Lakshmi is the sharpest tool in the shed.

The Miami Herald News said:
"...Bourdain said he was a huge fan of host and fellow chef Tom Colicchio but snubbed co-host...Padma Lakshmi. Jabbing at the beauty’s intelligence, he said she wouldn’t be his first choice for Barack Obama’s cabinet...[sic]or to host a show."

Gee Anthony comparing her to other female reality TV hosts she looks like she is a member of mensa.

In other Top Chef news last night on Top Chef Season 4, Nikki was eliminated after the horrendous 24 hour catering for a wedding challenge. The only person who was excited by the challenge was Andrew who said he had a "culinary boner".

Here on Yum Sugar is an interview with Nikki talking about her time on the show and what her future plans are.

For the menu and review of her restaurant 24 Prince click here.

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