Friday, November 21, 2008

Did Shanina's Cheating Cost Her The Supermodel Title?

Shanina Shaik must have been wondering last night whether the cheating scandal, where she bribed Tom with sexual favours to help her with a challenge cost her the title of the show Make Me A Supermodel.

Shanina looked suitably shocked and upset when Rhys name was called out as the winner.

Yes he was the nicest but was he the most deserving winner? The teeny boppers that vote in this show may have not liked that Shanina as she was also the third party in a love triangle.

More savvier (ok I mean older viewers) would realise the angst that Tom was showing over cheating on his teenage girlfriend was just the usual puppy love hiccups that occurs, NOT some huge betrayal of her.

I know it would have felt like that for him and her, but looking back they will wonder what the drama was all about. It would appear they have broken up by now by what he was saying on the TV.

Shanina will take heart from the fact that Demelza Reveley, winner of this year's Australia's Next Top Model, who was protagonist in a bullying scandal has gone on to continue her modelling career.

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