Monday, November 3, 2008

Australian Idol Tidbits.

TV Week has a story this week on Australian Idol rumours - Are they true or false?

Do the judges play favourites?
Roshani says this is true. She said "Yeah, there are favourites and that happens every year. It's just the nature of the game, but that's fine because sometimes the underdog gets up."

Everyone's jealous of Wes
Rosahin says says false. She said "I don't think so, because Wes is a good guy. He'll end up in the bottom three eventually -it's only a matter of time. But I think he will win. He's a good performer, a great musician, has a really down-to-earth, humble personality and hasn't tried to change himself or play anybody else the whole way through."

Chrislyn's the Idol outcast
Roshani says false. "I think her 'I'm lonely' comment was probably blown out of proportion. You've got to take it with a grain of salt, I guess. Chrislyn's the only girl left now, so it might be a whole different show!"

Luke's a party animal
Roshani says false. "Things get blown out of proportion. What Australian man doesn't like beer? Luke is just like any other Aussie bloke. What you see is what you get with him. He's the funniest guy in the world."

Teale doesn't take advice because he is arrogant
Roshani says false. " He's not arrogant or stubborn at all. He's only trying to do what he feels comfortable with. He's got to start believing in himself a bit more - he doubts himself too much, that's the problem. He's a great performer and he needs just to believe it."

Mark's a lady-killer
Roshani says true. "Mark is just a bad boy, and women love that! That's all. He's not clean-cut, he's got a cool husky voice, he's a bit of a smart arse, he's cheeky and lots of fun."

Ricki-Lee's column had some interesting tidbits. Roshani was in tears in the toilets after her performance on Rolling Stones night - not happy with the judges comments.

Also on the Monday elimination show when she found herself in the bottom three - and on the receiving end of some very rude comments from Kyle. Roshani was extremely upset during the ad break telling me she felt "humiliated". Also after she was voted off Kyle did not bother to come up on stage to wish Roshani well.

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