Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Kristy Hinze Hurt By Bloggers Thinking She Is Marrying Older Billionaire For His Money.

In SMH it says Kristy Hinze is hurt that internet bloggers think she marrying Netscape founder Jim Clark for his money.

There is a 34 year age gap between them. I for one was sceptical about match as seen in this post here. However they both are obviously in love, but I am sure his money and her lithe body have something to do with the attraction. Anyway does it matter what other people think?

Andrew G's Wife Looking For Work In Australia.
Andrew G's wife Noa Tishby who is a triple threat of model, actress and singer is looking for work in Australia so she can spend more time with her husband.

Noa who is huge in her home country Israel, has also just scored a guest spot on the TV program Big Love.

I wonder if she auditioned to be host on Australia's Next Top Model? Or even a guest judge she would have the goods to do that.
Daily Tele has more info.

Jennifer Hudson's Family To Have A Private Funeral on Monday.
After the tragic events where former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were allegedly killed by William Balfour, the funeral will be held on Monday.

The funeral will be private to allow the family to grieve in peace.
Full story Daily Tele.

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Onadrought said...

I don't think Kristy Hinze is marrying for money, I just think she has serious psychological porblems - a father complex perhaps?