Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foxtel Have Released Next Year's Shows - Good News For The Reality Fan

Foxtel have released their upcoming shows for next year there are some of the usual suspects like Australia's Next Top Model, and Project Runway Australia. But there are also some new ones.

Three new Australian productions are The Phone, Shear Genius, and The Contender.

The Phone show's premise is in each episode two cell phones will be hidden in one city at random places. When the phones start ringing, members of the public are sure to find the phones and answer the calls, and from that moment on become participants in the game! With major cash prizes up for grabs these two strangers have the chance of winning if they decide to collaborate, and successfully accomplish the given missions. Hosted by Justin Melvey.

Do you really think random people will pick them up or they will know where they are? Like you will answer a phone and then decide to continue with the game when you were on your way to an important meeting. Anyway sounds interesting.

Shear Genius will be based on the fabulous US version where hairdresser compete to take out the title of shear genius. A hairdresser is eliminated each week.

The Contender is a reality TV show based on boxing. The US version was very popular.

Australia's Next Top Model will commence in early 2009, with new host Sarah Murdoch. The second series of Project Runway Australia will be shown mid-year, and Football Superstar will get a second season. Brian McFadden will host the show again.

The good thing about Foxtel is that the shows keep being shown over the non-ratings period.

American Idol will be fasttracked from the US starting in early January. A new dance show called Step It Up And Dance premieres December 7, Sundays at 7.30pm on Arena
Contestants learn what it takes to make it big in the cut-throat dance industry. Celebrated actress and dancer Elizabeth Berkley hosts and Emmy Award nominee and Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell will mentor the 12 dancers, as they master every conceivable dance style, from ballet and ballroom to Broadway and burlesque. First prize is $US100,000.

Another new one is Instant Beauty Pageant which premieres December 9, Tuesdays at 9.30pm on Arena.

This show challenges ordinary women to shop till they drop, strut their stuff and compete for their very own title and tiara! What starts as an ordinary day at the mall turns into high-tension TV when five very special shoppers are ambushed and invited to participate in a real live beauty pageant. They have three hours to get ready beauty pageant.

Ok this one could be ordinary, but of course I will watch it.

In January Top Chef: New York will commence. It starts tonight in the US. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style is back as is Top Design Season 2. India Hicks will be the new host of this series of Top Design with Todd Oldham becoming a mentor.

Of course Tyra will be back with America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 on Fox 8.

Another new show called Vanity Lair premieres January 6, Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Arena
Over the course of a summer, ten beautiful people will move into the impressive Vanity Lair mansion. There they will live together, enjoying all the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle. Each week, new people arrive in an attempt to make it into the house. The new arrival, who convinces the residents that they are the most attractive, gets to move in. The repercussion is that in turn, the new arrival kicks out the resident they feel is least attractive. At the end of the series, the most attractive person will win a £10,000 prize.

Sounds bizarre. All that for the equivalent of $30,000 Aus dollars? I imagine in this show your self esteem could get quite a battering.

Finally not reality TV related but allow me one indulgence, Gossip Girl the second series starts on December 9 on Fox 8. This make 90210 look like amateur hour.


Laura said...

Is it true that Big Brother will be replaced by a reality TV show that is searching for a chef??

Reality Raver said...

Yes, it will be an Australian version of Masterchef. Originally a UK show. It is currently on Channel 7 on the weekday afternoons.

Also it is on Lifestyle Food. 'Ordinary' people who think they are good chefs who compete for the title of Masterchef.

I have seen a couple of episodes of the UK version it is definately watchable. However how good it is will depend on the host or hosts.

Anonymous said...

I loved Masterchef when I lived in the UK. Didn't know it was on Seven here - will have to set the recorder! Amazing how much stuff I learn from this site...

Reality Raver said...

That is kind of you to say that Injera, however it has no intellectual merit, unlike your blog.