Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 11 - Episode 2

Considering the polls are about to open in the USA for the election of a new President it was appropriate the shoot was about politics and hot issues, and also they were spruiking that you need to register to vote. As this episode was shown in the US a few months ago lets hope the message got through.

Also lets hope that Tyra's endorsement of Barack Obama will garner some wavering voters.

This season the big deal on this cycle's America's Next Top Model is that one of the 14 models is transgender. Isis is transitioning into being a women, however she still has the boy bits. This must be the social issues cycle. But now there has been one transgender on the show even if a more attractive one auditions I doubt they will get selected. I bet the one and only time a transgender will be on the show.

Clark a 19 was uncomfortable with Isis in the model house as she "was from a good Southern family". What is a good southern family? Does she mean one with money? Money that was gained from the sweat of slave labor? A good southern family must mean they are republicans.

She is completely unlikeable.

Shauran who was running around tell all the judges she was going to be America's Next Top Model was eliminated. To say she was unhappy was an understatement.

Exit interview with Shauran on the Buddy TV website here. FYI the link does not contain any spoilers.

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