Monday, November 3, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were four

Who is voting for Teale Jakubenko? I am not getting it at all. He is like the Marty Simpson of 2008, having gone further then their actual talent would suggest.

It was a predictable bottom 3 Chrislynn, Teale and Mark and I was a bit sad that Chrislynn got the chop as even though her performances were a bit bi-polar one week sensational and the next week ordinary.

The highlight of the episode was the psycho stalker chick in the audience who was trying to appear all sexy for Teale and him freaking out when Andrew G brought her to the couch. He would not even look at her and was literally squirming.

If he wants to be a famous sprock star he is going to have to learn how to handle groupies.


Onadrought said...

As I predicted, Chrislynn went. No star quality.

I don't think whoever wins this year will go very far. We haven't even heard anything about Natalie Gauci apart from that hideous outfit she wore to the ARIAs. Maybe, like other reality programmes, Idol has had it's day. This year to me just doesn't seem to have the star material that previous years did. Wes is great, he'll probably win, but just don't see much money being made.

Laura said...

I liked Chrislyn.

I don't know who's voting for Teale either. O_O

ALSO: Did you see Wes squirm when his mum was telling an embarrassing story? LOL. He was cute.

Anyhoo, I basically just watched Idol last night because P1nk was performing. She was FANTASTIC. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I noticed at one point Andrew G took a peak at the 'stalker' girl's lap - hopefully she wasn't going commando. I thought her 'come on' stares to Teale were hilarious.

Reality Raver said...

Onadrought I disagree with you. I think Wes will make money. After listening to some of his songs on his Myspace page I would be interested in hearing his album and buying it.

I don't normally buy the Idol's albums unless of course it is a requested xmas present.

Laura- yes I did see him squirm and also funny how Andrew G was trying to get her to wind up. Pink is great - her concert should be sensational.

Anon - Agree re: the come on stares she has obviously read some article in Cleo that advises this is how you get guys.