Monday, November 10, 2008

Australian Idol Season 6 - And Now There Were Three

Chris Isaak when on the couch with the Australian Idol was castigating them for using the phrase ball's up on national TV, clearly he had missed Mark Spano mouthing the F Bomb earlier when he realised Wes Carr was in the bottom two.

Luke Dickens and Mark Spano must have thought it was their lucky day when Wes landed into the bottom two for the first time. Was this going to be the biggest shock of this season?

Unfortunately for Mark and Luke, no, it was Teale Jakubenko who was gone.

Worst moment of the show when Kyle Sandilands while promoting a MacDonald's fundraising day, said if Chrislynn was still there they could have had a Big Mac eating competition together. It was tasteless and James Mathison looked absolutely disgusted.

Highlight of the show Chris Isaak - best mentor in all season's of Idol.

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Fifi said...

Chris Isaak was a great choice for Idol and they have got it right at last.
Wes came over all insecure and undeserving-like as he shuffled into the wrong part of the stage.
That Mark Spano is unlikeable!Can't stand the way he cleans his teeth whilst talking to the camera, and why not grow your hair with a noggin like that. Best hopes: Wes & Luke the Shearer for the Opera House.