Monday, November 10, 2008

Next Season American Idol To Be Fastracked On Fox 8

American Idol will start screening in the US on 13 Jan 2009. Fox 8 will again this season fast track it from the US, which should mean it will be screened Wednesday and Thursday nights here in Oz.

This year American Idol have added an extra judge into the mix. She is a songwriter Kara DioGuardi. Full bio here.

The fourth judge thing did not work on Australian Idol, but they are trying to stop a slide in ratings in the US. Hopefully with the new female, in 2010, Paula Abdul might be gone. But watching Paula be crazy and not talk sense can sometimes be a shows highlight. Remember last year she was late to an audition and then was incomprehensible when she got there?

Maybe American Idol should also choose mentors that are younger then 60. Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Andrew Lloyd-Webber as famous do not appeal to the younger audience.

Anyway the good thing about it being fast tracked is that there is no spoilers AND there is something fun to watch when all the Australian channels are showing their crap shows because it is non-ratings season. There is only so much tennis and cricket you can watch.

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