Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Survivor Fans V Favourites - Episode 5

I love the way when the girls start to lose weight after subsisting on rice and water for a week there breasts stay the same size. All skin and bones but the D cups still remain. Tracey in this series is a prime example, and so is Eliza.

After the drama of last weeks shock elimination of Joel the drama continued on Survivor when Johnathan having to leave because of a very infected knee. He was sobbing as he left as the ultra competitive producer/entrepreneur thought he had this series figured out. "I saw the daylight" he cried.

Kathy the slightly nutty golf vendor also cried and said "I only knew him for three days but I loved him." Maybe Survivor does this to you.

Johnathan should have the shits as last week's challenge of a person dragging another person around whilst chasing another team claimed a few victims with split lips, but he was the only one who had to head home.

Ozzi who has the hidden immunity idol decided to plant a fake idol and he was confident when Jason was sent to exile island that he might fall for it. He was correct as Jason got very excited when he found it even though it was just a stick with a face on it. An amateur version of Freddy the Flute from HR Puff-n-stuff.

Ozzie's team lost the immunity challenge and Chet put his hand up to go as he had an infected foot. Tracey was trying to talk Chet into voting for Ozzie as he would not expect it tonight, but in the end Chet was eliminated.

In this exit interview on Buddy TV he reveals that the medics would have pulled him due to his foot. Seems to me the Producers wanted to get a tribal council so there was probably never any possibility of Ozzi getting voted out.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the moment when Jason deploys 'Freddy the Flute', as you have so aptly described the very ordinary stick carving he pinning his hopes on. Should be the most hilarious moment yet on this show.