Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project Runway's Lui Hon Wag's Dress For Sale On Ebay

The dress from episode four Project Runway Australia designed by Lui Hon for a WAG to wear to the Brownlow Medal is now on Ebay. The popular and amazing designer who came fourth on the show is now selling on Ebay for $300 or $250 if you want to bid on it on auction.

This episode was memorable as when the WAG came for the fitting she did not like the original dress Lui had designed for her. Cannot remember why (Not slutty enough?). Anyway Lui did an amazing job and appeared to sew and redesign the dress in about 2 hours.
If you are a size 8 and interested here. For Lui Hon fans an interview with him will be posted on Reality Ravings shortly.

The seller also has a Manuell and Moore designed piece for sale as well here. Helen Manuell was also a contestant on Project Runway Australia. This is selling for $250. Manuell dress below.

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