Sunday, November 2, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Michael Jackson Night

How often do you get to play out your guilty pleasure on a high rating TV show? Well Wes Carr did tonight. The Bondi muso exterior was stripped from him as he played out a dream from when he was five to sing Michael Jackson on national TV, and to give that dream justice he was not going to trick it up or make it cool, his young boy's fantasy was out there for all to see. It stole the show.

To be honest I was unsure what I thought about Australian Idol idolising Micheal Jackson for a night. What next a Gary Glitter retrospective?

But Jermaine Jackson was to be the special guest judge, as Michael Jackson could not get a visa due to being a person who if he was a NSW resident would possibly be on the Child Protection Register. Only joking about the visa bit he is currently ensconced in Las Vegas hiding his kids under scarfs and home schooling them.

If any of my readers are make up artists or hairdressers can you please explain to me what Jermaine does with his hair. The sides look like he had lathered black boot polish on it.

Teale Jakubenko - Billy Jean
At first I thought Teale decided to do a "Nights In White Satin" version of Billy Jean, but by the end of it I thought he was trying to Michael Buble it. Considering last week he said he would classify the music he wants to sing as SPROCK, which is soul, pop and rock, there appeared to be none of any of those genres in it. I thought it was dull, but clearly I was in the minority.

All the judges including the plasticised Jermaine Jackson gushed over it. Dicko thought it was brilliant, and said he had put some mongrel in it.

Mark Spano - Bad
Michael Jackson week was always going to be hard, as really who has a high voice like him? The chorus was great and he came across quite sexy. You knew he was in trouble with the verses when he started prowling the stage like he did on his below average performance on Abba night.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Thriller
Chrislyn was the first one to not to play around with the arrangement of the songs and just sang it straight ala Jackson.
There were a few pitch problems and I was not sure about the musical theatre moves, but the second half was stronger then the first.

Was Kyle serious about saying she should have come out in a skeleton costume, and done some zombie dancing? That could have made it a complete kitsh train wreck.

Luke Dickens - The Way You Make Me Feel
Before Idol started tonight I said to the other household reality TV under duress couch potato that this could be Luke's last night as Michael Jackson will trip him up. By the end of the song I was kicking myself for not putting a lazy $10 on Luke to win Australian Idol at the beginning of this year's series.

It was fantastic. I think Luke comes across as the happy go lucky type, but he has been making some very canny song choices. The blues arrangement just suited his style and the lyrics.

Wes Carr - Black Or White
Sorry Luke, I was just about to text you a vote and then Wes and his inner five year old came on.

For a second (but only a second) I thought is this going to be like an older version of Young Talent Time.

It was sen'fucking'sational. I could not stop laughing but also thought he was sexy cool when he was doing it. It was a truly memorable Idol moment in a good way.

Bottom three Teale, Mark and Chrislyn


Anonymous said...

Great wrap-up. Once again, I thought I must have received a completely different "Teale" broadcast to what the judges reviewed - I only woke up when the song ended. My expectations of Mark are so low that I was actually pleasantly surprised by his bit. Worried by Chrislyn's "pitchiness" in a song she really shoulda killed. Luke was fab, but Wes? Brilliant!

Max said...

Came across tour blog a few weeks ago when I was in Egypt and the Middle East. Your comments keept me up to date with Idol for the last 4 weeks and tonight I am back home and felt compelled to read your blog. We must have similar tastes for you wrote exactly what I felt.Thnaks for a great blog site.

Laura said...

I thought Teale was BORING.
He should have sung the Michael Jackson version. The one with the FAST tempo.

Wes was AWESOME.

Reality Raver said...

Max: Thanks, I hope you had a great trip - I loved the Middle East people so friendly.

Injera and Laura- Lets hope Teale goes tonight he is an bland as blamange. Also I hope when Wes gets to perform at the Opera House that he chooses to do the Michael Jackson song again.