Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel - Jennifer Hawkins Thoughts On The Final Three.

Now we know judge Martin Walsh's view on the final three. Click here if you don't, but now in TV Week Jennifer Hawkins has revealed her thoughts on the final three models fighting it out for the title on Make Me A Supermodel.

On Rhys she says:
"Rhys has got a chiselled face and small features and everybody loves him - he is a nice guy to be around. He looks like David Beckham and the young girls love him, so he's in with a good chance. Rhys is becoming a great model - he's grown a lot in the competition. His lack of confidence is probably his only downfall. He can go into his shell a bit at photo shoots and doubt himself. But I guess that confidence comes with practice and experience. We'll see how that goes."

Her favourite photo shoot was when he was in the water tank with the snake.

On Shanina she says:
I met Shanina at her first audition and I liked her look straightaway. She has a different look, her eyes are absolutely beautiful and she's a nice girl, too. At the start we were worried that she didn't have any versatility but I think she's doing really well now. It's hard to pick a negative because at this stage, with all three, it's just nitpicking. But maybe the 'cheating scandal' from last week could factor into the audience's decision to vote or not vote for her."

Jen's favourite moment was the tango photo's with Issac.

On Courtney she says:
Courtney has a really unique look, plus she's a nice girl as well. Probably the only downfall with Courtney is that she can look too sweet and cheeky on shoots - she really needs to bring a little bit of sexiness to the set as well. But over the last few weeks, she's learned how to bring that out a bit more. Courtney's a gorgeous girl and a lot of people have a very unique look now when they're doing catwalk overseas, so I think she's got a good future ahead of her.

Jen's favourite Courtney moment was the outside gothic shoot.

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