Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 - Episode 5

It was time to head to Asia and specifically Siam Reap in Cambodia. The teams were split up, Ken and Tina, and Type A personalities Sarah and Terence, got the first flight out of Auckland. Terence and Sarah also copped a speeding ticket on the way to the airport. I thought that maybe NZ reality TV show Highway Patrol was suddenly going to pop up on screen. All caught up in Singapore for their flight to Siam Reap, except for Ty and Aja.

So tonight the interest was only in who was going to win this leg, and unless there is a catastrophe. This may have been a possibility as the taxi's were taking the teams to all sorts of places.

First clue was at a petrol station where they had to fill up a truck with 25 litres of petrol. Of course that truck was to take them to their next clue.

The frat boys had difficulty with it. Not realising that you had to put a bit of grunt into it. Nick and Starr were leading at this stag, but they were caught up to.

They were all on boats racing to a restaurant in the middle of Siam Reap. Terence and Sarah got their driver to go fast and then suddenly the engine overheated, and they had to manually row to the clue box.

Village Life - involves picking up items throughout the village.
Village Work - Finding two traps filled with fish.

Nick and Starr took over the lead again after getting the fish.

It was time to head to Angkor Wat and the Road Block. This involved finding the chamber of echos and banging your chest three times to get the next clue.

Tina had trouble finding it and kept on walking through it.

Nick and Starr were first to the pit stop at the Banyon Temple. Again the frat boys bumbled it, but luckily for them Aja and Ty just were never in the leg.

The Producers suddenly got all moralistic about Terence and Sarah speeding ticket and decided they would be hit with a 30 minute penalty in the next leg of the race. I don't see the point of this they all speed and break road rules or encourage others to. So the ones that get caught get a double penalty.

Reality Wanted have an interview with Aja and Ty, where they reveal they are now living together, and they were surprised about the editing with Terence - so clearly they don't think he is an arsehole. In fact they said they wanted Sarah and Terence to win.

Buddy TV reveals they were nowhere in the race as they had landed in Siam Reap just has Andrew and Dan, the second last team, made it to the pit stop.

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