Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Chef - Best Looking Hosts On A Reality TV Show?

Top Chef Season 4, which is currently showing on Arena on Monday nights, is one of the favourite shows in our household.

One of the reasons is that the males in the household get to ogle at the beautiful, sophisticated host Padma Lakshmi. And the females get to watch the sexy and dry wit of chef Tom Collichio.

This show has two cooking challenges each episode, with one person eliminated each week.

I was amazed that Padma who was previously a model and is also a cookbook author was married to Salman Rushdie (this was post fatwa). Clearly she has read his books, something I have not managed apart from the first three chapters of Midnight's Children. What is with it with model's and older men? Yes Kristy Hinze I am talking about you. Picture and more info on marriage can be found on Re-marriage.com

She was married to him from 2004 to 2007 and was his fourth wife. She does not say whether being on a reality TV show was the reason the marriage ended.

Here is an article from the November Harpers Bazaar where she shows us her apartment in the New York. The picture of her closet is amazing. And yes the swing is in her living room - she does not use it for Samantha from Sex In The City escapades.

Now onto Tom who is the sexiest chef on TV, sorry Matt Moran. Tom owns numerous restaurants in New York with Craft in their title. Salon has a great interview with him HOWEVER IT HAS SEASON 4 SPOILERS IN IT.

He does say the Chef's are judged on the food alone, and they are not able to have anything to do with the contestants outside of judging, and he has a cult following in the gay community.

Last night eliminated contestant Mark from New Zealand who played a didgeridoo, accused Tom of not liking him. This apparently was him being dead pan. Buddy TV has an exit interview with Mark. Please note there is a small spoiler in it.

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