Monday, November 3, 2008

Reality TV Highlights for Monday 3 November

Tonight we get to see who will be eliminated from Australian Idol this week at 7.30pm on Channel Ten. It obviously won't be Wes Carr.

Arena has the deliciously entertaining Top Chef 3 Chicago at 8.30pm, followed by a new program called Top Design which is an interior design competition.

This reality competition pits 12 aspiring interior designers against each other in a quest to create the next Top Design. The contestants will live together in a plush Los Angeles loft while enduring a series of design challenges meant to separate the wheat from the chaff and leave us with one incredibly talented winner!

This is season 1, however in the US Season 2 started last night.

Fox 8 has Ice Road Truckers on at 8.30pm. This is quite fascinating look at trucks going across ice in the Canadian winter to deliver goods etc. I know sounds boring but can get quite riveting.

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