Monday, November 17, 2008

Australian Idol - Voting Stuff Up - Should Mark Have Been Going To The Opera House?

Another voting scandal has hit Australian Idol on the night when it was announced Wes Carr and Luke Dickens would be walking up those Opera House steps.

Apparently yesterday for 25 minutes the wrong voting numbers were up against the wrong singers names. That person has got to be so fired.

Apparently contestant Luke Dickens‘ telephone number was published for both himself and Carr, while Carr’s allocated telephone number appeared against Spano. So does that mean for 25 minutes Mark had no phone number allocated to him on the website?

The network released a statement where they said “Viewers can be assured that the outcome of tonight’s verdict is unaffected by this incident.”

Maybe Brooke Adamo and Mark Spano need to take out a class action on Fremantle Media.

Source of story from Media Spy.

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