Thursday, November 6, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel - When Are They Going To Realise There Are Camera's Everywhere?

At the end of the episode Jackie Frank wails "It's not a popularity contest.". Well Jackie if it is not a popularity contest then what is it? I don't think the general public have the skill to pick the next big supermodel. Also if it wasn't a popularity contest Hannah McCarthy would still be in the competition.

Again Tom and Shanina were busted by a camera when she was offering kisses in exchange for information in one of their tasks. How dumb are they? They are on a reality TV show can't they see the camera's. Tom is apparently still with the girlfriend as he told her he is only physically attracted to Shanina.

The task was to pick the three designer outfits on both racks, one for a boy and one for a girl. Now this was a bit tough as they only had three minutes to do so, and the designers were good but not exactly highbrow. They were Politix and Sass and Bide, they are not going to stand out as much as Gucci and YSL.

Well the producers should be paying Tom and Shanina, because if there was not this affair of the heart going on the show would be really dull.

Now back to this issue of the show not being a popularity contest. Well Courtney is continually bitching about Shanina and Tom onscreen (like she would not have been pestering Billy for the answer if she was in the same situation), so she is not liked by the voters. Tom and Shanina could get voter backlash because of their supposedly adulterous situation.

So that leaves nice guy Rhys, who looks good but has barely delivered on any of the challenges, as the possible person to win the game.

Now tell me this isn't a popularity contest.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously none of the dregs remaining in this show have anything near what it takes to be any more interesting than the average, pleasant-looking trolley dolly* on a typical Virgin Blue flight interstate flight

Have to agree 100% with your comments regarding this being a popularity contest.

It's worth noting that the quality US reality TV shows out of the Bravo stable - Top Chef for example - ensure they get a winner who can actually deliver the goods by having experts make the decisions. Same goes for Tyra Banks and her crew.

The phone voting approach may work (sorta) for performance-based programs like Idol.

For non-performance programs like this it is just blatant revenue generation for the lazy TV network and their Telco buddies.

* Is there a similar derogatory nickname for male flight attendants? Because if there isn't, there should be! (PS. Rhys carries himself with the vacant air of a flight stewart.)