Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel - Tom Eliminated Did The Moral Majority Sink Him?

Did Tom suffer a backlash from voters because it was perceived he was cheating on his girlfriend with Shanina? Or did his girlfriend just spend her whole trust fund on ensuring he was evicted from the Mosman abode and out of the clutches of Shanina?

The whole popular vote thing is a bit of joke. The best model may not win. The chances of Courtney having a career in modelling post show are small.

They had to go to a real casting for General Pants Christmas campaign. If they got the gig it would be their first model payday. Shanina managed to get hired.

The paparazzi lesson for the models was fatuous. What was the point? Any photographer will be able to get a compromising shot. And I don't think seeing Rhys crown jewels is going to harm his career.

At the end of the show they gave the final three time to sell themselves to the public to entice us to vote for them. So now it is up to us.

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Anonymous said...

Agree the paparazzi segment was pointless. That fat mohawked middle-aged Aussie pap guy is a complete tool who after years of stalking celebs now thinks he should be one.