Tuesday, November 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 11 - Episode 3

What was with the stupid pantomime that Tyra, Jay, and Miss J put on in tonight's episode? Snow White was not revived by a gay prince. But points to Jay Manuel for actually lifting Tyra.
It was make over night, and there were the usual tears because hair was being chopped or added. Isis the transgender model only got hair extensions, but today it was announced on the Tyra Bank show that she will pay for the big chop. Tyra will fork out the $35,000 for him to have the sex change operation.

It was a pity he did not have it done prior to the swim suit shoot, as he had high anxiety that everyone was going to see his bulge.

The other thing about this season is that Sutan the make up artist who you barely saw in earlier cycles got a cameo and judging part in the Wal-Mart Cover Girl challenge. Also in this challenge Chrissy Barker, who is Nigel Barker's wife was also involved. So it was keeping it in the ANTM family.

The first name called at judging was Elina. The bottom two were Analeigh and Brittany, with Brittany eliminated for not bonding with the camera.

Personally I think if Isis was a girl she would have been eliminated by now or probably not even on the show.

Here is an exit interview with Brittany on Buddy TV.

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janes said...

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