Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Chopping Block - South Yarra China House v Piazza Narvona

Now there would be a lot of women who would like to stick their boobs in Matt Moran's face but really would you attempt to do this in the first 30 seconds of meeting him?

Angela the daughter of the owner's of Piazza Navona thrust her tits in any man and a few women's faces whilst they were dining. She needs to get laid she is obviously is taking her sexual frustration on the customers. She was surprised that anyone would find that behaviour offensive or in fact NOT want to have her boobs in their face. I wouldn't be surprised if Hooters were trying to employ her at this very minute.

But the other thing that was vaguely amusing was how unsettled it made Matt Moran. At times when he was in the kitchen with her he looked like he was scared he was going to get cornered.

Mama Rosa the cook, has now passed away, so has Angela taken over the kitchen?

Matt Moran razzled dazzled the Bolognase and the cabonara. I am not sure I would like my cabonara bought out to the table with raw egg yolk on it.

Down the road was the South Yarra China House which served up food that had me reminiscing about the one chinese restaurant in the country town where I grew up. In fact I now have a craving for some bad lemon chicken.

After Matt Moran came in and rejigged the honey chicken and told him to ditch the anglicised food that was so popular in the '70's.

The show does now have a better flow without season one host Catriona Rowntree, and Matt Moran is able to give assistance and good entertainment without going down the Gordon Ramsey tourettes route.

Alan Saunders is much more serious and imperious than last seasons critic David Grant. I am still getting used to this. But it did crack me up that he thought the gay maitre'd in China House was giving them to much attention. That's what you get Alan when you dine with three good looking boys.

The South Yarra China House won the $20,000 prize money.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Angela's Shane Warne/Wayne Carey apology: "I'm sorry if you were offended..." What's wrong with plain "I'm sorry"? He had already told her that he was offended (and added terrified with his body language!). I'm really enjoying this without the gormless Rowntree.