Sunday, November 16, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Top 3

Can someone contact June Dally-Watkins and ask if it is appropriate to chew gum on TV, yes Marcia Hines I am talking to you.

Tina Arena was the mentor tonight, and years of living in France has turned her into an Edith Piaf lookalike in a good way. However she has retained her Aussie lewd sense of humour when talking with the host's James and Andrew G, about an all male top 3, she managed to throw a diction (get it dick-tion) joke in.

Andrew G has had his hair cut. I don't care, but if you read the papers apparently a lot of people do. I am surprised there is not a blog dedicated to Andrew's hair and its various incarnations.

Ever the entrepreneurs Idol is releasing a Top 10 singers CD, this must be to make some money as there won't be a Winner's Song Album released prior to Christmas. See previous post on that here.

Anyway onto the performances.

Luke Dickens - Stuck In The Middle Of You.

The last two weeks have seen Luke pick MOR (middle of the road songs). It is like he is doing karaoke night at his local pub in Young. The judges however were very positive about it.

Mark Spano - Bad Day - Fuel

Mark definitely sees himself singing rock, and he did a polished performance. But to tell you the truth I tuned out half way through. It appears the judges are having a love in tonight so were gushing at all three singers. And Kyle Mark's pole action was NOT doing it for me.

Wes Carr - Easy - Faith No More

Tina and Wes bonded over the Johnny Young Talent School connection and she called him a superstar. She was pleased that he embraced his past. Wes brought back the hat and harmonica for a repeat performance in this song. Neither really enhanced the performance. Wes is clearly the star of this year's Idol, but again I found this performance middle of the road.

It was sung and perform well, but would I go and buy his album on that performance? No.

Luke Dickens - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John

I think this is Luke's last night on Idol. This song was boring. I was surprised he did not pick a classic rock song to finish up on. I will be surprised if he makes it to the Opera House -though there is a huge under dog vote in this show.

Mark Spano - This Life - Santana

He loves the Michael Hutchene moves this boy and they were very prevalent in this song. Especially that one at the beginning when he slightly pulled back his shirt to reveal his waxed chest. You lost me there Mark. However it will probably have thousands of hormonal girls giddily texting in his name.

Wes Carr - Get Back - The Beatles.

Finally a show stopping performance from one of the final three. He made a good Beatle song great. The electric guitar, the movement around the stage it was fantastic. He just showcased his star quality. I hope at the Opera House he repeats his Michael Jackson song.

Predicted top two Wes Carr and Mark Spano.


Laura said...

Yeah, Wes probably dreamed about doing Michael Jackson at the Opera House.

I want Luke in the Final 2. He is more a "family man" and Mark just seems like a prick.
Well, I don't like Mark because he sang Sex On Fire. I HATE KINGS OF LEON. T_T

Reality Raver said...

Yes I don't get the Mark thing either.

Lexxie Couper said...

I seriously want Wes to win. Maybe I'm not the targeted age bracket (I'm a very young 37) but I seriously don't get the so-called sex appeal of Mark. yech