Monday, November 3, 2008

Todd McKenny Cleared - Drug Charges Dropped

Well you would want to put on a bit of lippie and celebrate if you had drug charges against you dropped.

Todd McKenney, judge from Dancing With the Stars, today had the charges withdrawn for drug possession due to lack of evidence.

Todd McKenney was charged with possessing the prohibited drug gamma hydroxybutyrate - also known as GHB or fantasy - after being found unconscious in Ruschutters Bay Park on Anzac Day.
He was allegedly found with a vial of the drug in his pocket after spending time at a friend's party.

Todd McKenney has maintained his innocence throughout. I must confess I was a bit sceptical about it all.

McKenney's lawyers were going to show there was ample opportunity for the drugs to have been planted in his jeans, therefore NSW Police decided not to proceed.

McKenney - who is currently starring as drag queen Mitzi in the musical Priscilla: Queen of the Desert - was relieved that the charge had been dropped.

Full story on Daily Tele Website.


Anonymous said...

Demonstrates what can be achieved if you can afford a top-notch barrister. Party on Todd... pants down.

Reality Raver said...

Maybe AJ Rochester should hire them to get her off her Centrelink charges.